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Hi Cyril,
I absolutely love my saddle, it fits me and my horse like a glove. 
We were 3rd in the Sr Working Hunter at the World Show, and in Scottsdale had 6 firsts and 2 seconds with eight judges. 
Thanks for checking in.
John Andersen 

Broomfield, CO

Good evening Cyril,
I like this saddle more every time I ride it! The fit for my gelding is great - absolutely no rubs, dry spots, etc.
Thank you again for all the time and effort you gave me. It will not be forgotten.
Jennifer Skewes
Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Cyril - Both Roger (my trainer) and I love it on my horse. We went to Pinto World and we both won English Trail in it!!!! My equitation is getting better as it puts my legs in the correct position. Have even won under some of the judges against the 19-44 amateurs and I am 60!! So yep it is a great saddle.
Thank you
Barbara Messinger
Arcadia, California

Cyril, I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying my Alliance Trophee saddle. The leather is very high quality and I’ve gotten many compliments on it already. I also feel much more balanced and secure in it compared to other Hunt Seat saddles I have ridden. It's already been an asset in the equitation classes I’ve added to my all-around class list for "Monty".

It was also a pleasure to work with you and your team during the saddle fitting process. Marie-Frances is just super great to deal with. I needed the saddle to fit both me and my Appaloosa gelding, Monty. Given that he is a stockier Western style horse, I was concerned with getting a saddle wide enough for him. So many of the Hunt Seat saddles available are sized for the leaner Thoroughbred type horses. I think the Alliance Trophee saddle is just right for both Monty and I! We look forward to many more equitation classes next year!

J Townsend

Hello Cyril,

I just want to thank you and the whole team of alliance saddlery again for making this long distance fitting work so well. I think for you and for me it was kind of a big challenge at first. But everything worked out just perfect. Last weekend we had our first APHA show with our new alliance saddle and it was awesome!! The saddle fits just perfect and is very very comfortable to ride in!! I think I never sat in such a great hunt seat saddle before. Thank you for making all this possible !! 

Alena H, Germany

Hi Cyril,

Thought I would like to let you know how much I enjoy riding in my Lynn Palm saddle. I purchased one for myself and found that it also fit a number of my students horses and these students have since purchased this saddle for themselves. All students are extremely happy with their saddles and I will continue to encourage future riders to definitely consider this saddle for their horses!
Diane D


I just had to email you and let you know that I finally got to ride in my "new" saddle last night.  It was one of the most amazing rides I've ever had in an english saddle!  I can't even begin to explain the difference in balance, how easy it was to keep my legs in the correct position, how much more secure I felt in the saddle...  I could go on and on.  I'm going to feel like I'm cheating next time I ride an Eq class!  This saddle definitely gives an Eq rider a competitive edge!  Thank you again for all of your help (and patience).  I have a feeling we'll be calling you about another one as soon as my sister is ready to go back to the show ring. 

Allysa F

Hi Cyril, 

I've been meaning to write you to let you know that I love the saddle, and, more importantly, Bentley (my horse) loves it, too! I showed him for the second time (the first time with my new saddle) in the AQHA Hunter Under Saddle class at the Iowa State Fair and we won the class. I received a lot of compliments on the saddle. It's really beautiful and so comfortable. I feel very secure in it (which has never been the case with any other hunt seat saddle I have tried.)  

So, thank you very much. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. :) 

Robin E

I have been very happy with " Lynn Palm " saddle. Originally I purchased it for my Paint horse but when I retired him and bought my warmblood, I was concerned if it would still work for me. It does - if fits him great!! Such a comfortable saddle for both horse and rider,
Denise V

Hi Cyril and Lynn... just wanted to say I am absolutely loving my two new saddles, especialy the one that Cyril fitted my mare for at the (APHA) World's last year. It fits her absolutely beautifully and it's totally amazing how much better my equitation is now that I'm riding in a great saddle. Well, that and all the help you gave me at your Women Luv Horses clinics in Florida. :-) And...while my mare is in the extra-wide tree (and loving it), the saddle we fitted my gelding for (the wide tree)... well, he doesn't try to buck me off anymore whenever I put an english saddle on him. Simply wonderful how his attitude has changed now that his saddle doesn't hurt him!
Shelley B

Lynn & Cyril 

YorkI just had to send you another note to let you know how much I still love my hunt saddle that I got from you.  It took us to a Top Ten finish (7th place) at the Select World this year in Equitation, which was very exciting!  I have attached a picture of us for you.  We almost might not have made the finals though.  "Scooby" did stumble in the prelim pattern, but I rode through it, entirely secure in my saddle, which I could not have said about my old saddle.  We had hand gallop and 2 lead changes in the finals pattern which were so fun to ride.  Thanks again for making a saddle that fits me, that fits my horse and makes me a better rider!  Hope you have had a great summer!

Anita Y 

When I bought my registered Paint " Smokey " he originally came with his own saddle. It was an older uncomfortable saddle and I hadn't really given any thought to buying a new saddle. My trainer let me borrow her saddle from time to time which was a Lynn Palm saddle and I eventually got to the point of hardly ever using my own saddle for quite some time. Therefore, around a couple months of owning my horse I soon wanted my own Lynn Palm saddle and have had it for almost 2 years now with no complaints. It is an extremely comfortable saddle! I have been to many shows with this saddle and competed up to 2'9" in the Jumper ring and have schooled around 3'3". The saddle also fits my horse very well and is a very comfortable fit for him given that he has had some tenderness in his back ever since I've had him. I am looking forward to using this saddle for years to come. I am very appreciative for the making of this saddle!!
Katy P

Hi Cyril.  My name is Wendy Noder.  I talked with you at the Fall APHA World Championship Show.  I own an Alliance saddle and won the APHA Masters Amateur Hunter Hack World Championship riding in it.  We also placed in the Top 5 in both the Masters Am. Equitation and Masters Am. Sr. HUS classes.  You asked me to write to you and tell you why I love my Alliance Saddle.  I have ridden in many kinds of hunt seat saddles including Passiers, Luc Childerics and Butets.  I decided to try the Alliance because it had the Lynn Palm name on it, and I knew anything with her name had to be good!  The buttery soft leather helps me keep my legs quiet, and the design keeps my leg under me instead of out in front.  I have so much more confidence over fences with the Alliance.  The other saddles just didn't give me the secure feel that your Alliance saddle does.  

My horse also improved his stride with the saddle.  His reach lengthened about 20% according to my trainer, Mandy Strohkirsch, and as evidenced in video.  I believe it's because it fits his shoulders better, and he was no longer being "pinched" over his withers.  I also love the extra padding of the saddle over the back.  I no longer have to use extra padding.  

Well, I don't know if anything I wrote is usable in your advertising endeavors, I'm not the best at putting my thoughts into words.  But, I truly believe your Alliance Saddles are the best kept secrets in the equine world!   

Sincerely, Wendy N

Dear Cyril,

Just wanted to tell you that one of the things that I love about my Lynn Palm saddle is that it fits my horse so well. She is a very wide bodied mare and it took a while to find a really good fitting saddle and it fits great! It also gives me great balance and position in the saddle which has allowed my horse and I to do very well in the show ring!
Riley B

My horse and I are extremely happy with our new Alliance saddle made especially for horses with wider backs. I have been really sensitive about saddle fit since I bought my appendix horse  2 ½ years ago. My friends and I went to a great clinic w/ Lynn and Cyril in October 2009 at their farm in Ocala. I saw the Alliance saddle and decided I wanted to try one when I returned home. Cyril sent me a saddle he thought would work for my horse and I.  He was extremely courteous and professional and was in contact with me during my trial period looking at photos, answering questions, etc. to help with the process. He stated I should ride in the saddle at least five times. I knew after three rides it was right for my horse and I. Though, I have to say after about the tenth ride or so is when I really felt in tune with it and have been jumping in it. At that point, it really started to “fit like a glove.”  The quality of the leather and the make of the saddle is really outstanding and definitely comparable to the best saddles on the market today. I, thank you but more importantly my horse thanks you too!

Joanne C

I just wanted to write and say how amazing this saddle is. I tried over 20 different types of saddles and couldn't find one to fit my Morgan. I tried this saddle and it fit like a dream. I've had owned my saddle for about 5 years now and it fits so many different horses it's truly amazing. It is also the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. Whether I am schooling Dressage , showing in Hunter classes, equitation classes or jumping over fences this saddle seems to keep me in the right position. After 5 years of riding 4-5 times per week, it still looks brand new!! Thank you for making such an amazing product!
Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Cyril,

TestimonialHere are the pictures I promised. We love our saddles!!!!  They were great to sit in all day! The horses seem to love them as much as we do!! This is proof these saddles go Every where....

Thanks again!

Pam and Heather

Hi CyrilTracy Ingraham, Alaska - Testimonial

Where to began with how much I LOVE this saddle.  I began the search for a new saddle after fighting with my mare for months.  I have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars.  I was told by numerous people that my mare was just being a spoiled brat and that I wasn't being tough enough on her.  I was at the point of riding for an hour or more.  I would finally get the correct response from her, but the next day, the fight began all over.  I had the vet out numerous times for chiro work and teeth.  That would help for a few days and then the fighting would start again.  I suspected the saddle was uncomfortable, but surely, with my interchangable gullet, it couldn't be that bad.  So, I began the route of purchasing numourous saddle pads, gel pads, risers, sheep's wool, again to no avail.   I finally began riding bareback because the fighting didn't occur and I was actually enjoying my horse.

So, the big search began for a saddle that fit her.  At this point, I didn't really care how it felt to me, it just needed to be comfortable for my mare.  So, I tried some saddles that people had around the barn.  Horrible fit.  Next, I started asking people online, etc for suggestions of a saddle.   While looking in the Dover catolgue, I saw the Alliance saddle and it's description about being built just for stock horses.  Well, my mare is the poster child for QH shoulders.  She's not a super wide horse, she has decent withers, but she has these huge chunky shoulders.  Every saddle I looked at couldn't address this.  The saddle trees are more A shaped.  But, because of her shoulders, she is more U shaped.  I at first was skeptic that the saddle could really make that much of a difference.  Every saddle maker out there says they have an "advanced tree design", but none of them address the shape of a stock horse's back.  So, after discussing it with my husband, I decided to order the Alliance.  Yes, it's an expensive saddle, but I had already spent that much and more with my time, the vet and pads.

The saddle came in and my husband and I immediately could feel a difference.   I had everyone in the office feeling the "scoop out" as I've termed it in the panels.  The panels were large.  From my knowledge of working with wheelchair cushions, I understand that pressure needs to be spread out evenly and over a large surface.   Did you know cellular damage can start to occur after just 15 minutes of pressure?  The saddles I had tried before were isolating the pressure of the saddle into small specfic areas on my horse's back causing her alot of pain.  But, in looking at the saddle, I had hope, so off to the barn I went.

After putting the saddle on her back, all I could do was say WOW!!!!  It fit her like a glove.  Every part was perfectly molded to her back.  I put the girth on and no pawing, no head tossing.  She was actually relaxed.  I took her in the arena to lunge first and no bucking or crankiness.  I got on and suddenly I had this willing partner that did everything I asked without the resistance and attitude like before.  I was sitting on her back in complete awe.  Did the saddle really make THAT much of a difference!!!?  So, I ended that ride and tried again the next day.  Maybe it was a fluke.  My second ride was even better.  But, this time I started paying attention to how the saddle fit me.  It's a flatter seat than I'm used to, but the leather is incredible.  And, I can actually sit in this saddle better.  I felt very balanced, my legs felt more stable.  So, this ride lasted an hour also, but it's because I just did not want to get out of that saddle.  It felt so good on my mare and so nice to sit on that I wanted my ride to go on and on.  My mare was completely relaxed and enjoying herself.

Anyone that owns a stock horse should consider trying this saddle.  I'm so pleased with this saddle.  Not only does it fit her, but the saddle itself is a work of art.  Now, I can't wait for the show season to begin.  Before I was dreading it because I just didn't know what to expect or wondering what fight was going to start with my horse.  Now I know she's comfortable and will want to work and will no longer be in pain.  I will send you a photo in our "show attire" when the show season gets here.  Thank you SO much for taking the time to design a saddle that truly fits our stock horses.  I couldn't be any happier with this saddle.

Tracy I

I have owned my Lynn Palm saddle for the past 4 years after buying several English saddles that just did not fit my Paint or my Quarter Horses. I bought this one and never looked back. Thanks for building a great saddle that fits these stockier horses.
Lynda A

I wanted to give a quick update on my new Alliance: I received it Wednesday, rode in it for the first time Friday - I felt more solid and comfortable than ever before. Showed Saturday - my second ride in the new saddle - it felt even better - placed 2nd under 3 of 4 judges in Novice Amateur Equitation and 2nd under 2 of 4 judges in Novice Am. H.U.S ( 6 points ). We also entered Amateur Equitation - just for the pattern practice and received 5 points...all in all a fantastic first ride/show in my new Alliance.

I can't thank you enough for all your efforts, because now I have the saddle for me and my horse. I have been raving about this saddle to everyone I know and will continue to do so. It's the best!!

Coleen B

January 10, 2010  

Dear Cyril & Lynn, 

I’d like to thank you for developing your Alliance English saddle.  I never knew a saddle could make such a difference in how I ride.  I’ve always struggled to ride English, so finding a saddle that not only allows me to ride with proper form, but makes me to feel so solid and secure, has been amazing!  I may only get to ride once a week or only at a show – making it extremely important for me to have the right saddle.  The incredibly soft, supple leather, the way it made me feel so centered and balanced on my horse - I knew, without a doubt, the very first time I rode in it - the Alliance was the right saddle for me. 

I continue to love my Alliance Saddle as much today as I did when I first rode in it over 2 years ago. It’s taken me to 3 American Paint Horse Association (APHA) Reserve World Championships, 3 APHA Honor Roll titles and 2 APHA Lifetime Leader titles. It’s also taken me to 1 Pinto World Championship and 2 Pinto Reserve World Championships, not to mention numerous circuit and year end awards. 

My horse Timeless Assets (aka: “Tucson”) and I earned APHA Reserve World Championships in Masters Amateur Jr Hunter Under Saddle, Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle and Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation (my personal favorite).  We’ve also earned APHA #1 Honor Roll in Jr Hunter Under Saddle, Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle and Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation (again, my personal favorite).  When 2009 is finalized, “Tucson” and I will be the new Lifetime Leaders in Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle and Hunt Seat Equitation – every placing, every point in my Alliance Saddle. 

When I tried your newest Alliance model I was SOLD all over again. I didn’t think it was possible for your saddle to feel any better than the model I already had, but the refinements you’ve made have produced a wonderful balance between a saddle that fits my horse beautifully and one that provides stability, comfort and proper seat/leg position for me. 

I’m very excited about having my new Alliance as I move into Masters Amateur competition, but I’ll be sad to let go of an old comfortable friend that has helped me achieve so much success. 

Thanks once again.  I’m certain I’m a better rider as a result of your efforts. 

Coleen B   &   Timeless Assets (“Tucson”) 

Tracy Ingraham, Alaska - TestimonialI just wanted you to know how much I LOVE my Alliance hunt saddle that I purchased from you.  A couple of years ago I thought I would have to give up riding hunt seat.  I didn't feel comfortable or balanced in my old hunt saddle.  Then I tried your Alliance saddle and what a difference!  Not only did I NOT have to give up riding hunt seat but I qualified for and placed at the 2008 AQHA Bayer Select World in Hunt Seat Equitation.  Thanks to my Alliance saddle I am now back in the winners circle! 

Anita Y

I am very busy here but wanted to drop you a quick note about my saddle. I have 28 horses here on the farm; stock breeds and two warmbloods. My Alliance hunt seat is amazing! No matter who I am riding it fits! I can feel the difference in my position and in the horses' movement. My dressage instructor sees a difference in my leg position. I will have to save my pennies to by an Alliance dressage saddle next. The picture attached is Leah and I in my dressage lesson. I can trail ride in it and be comfortable and then go show over fences just as well! I have let some of my students use it and now they all fight over who gets to ride in it. One student has already purchased her own as you know and two others are waiting for their fillies to fill out so they can be measured. Thank you for designing such a great saddle with the horse's comfort foremost in your mind.


Dana P

I love my Alliance by Lynn Palm Hunt Seat saddle!

I have a very broad back APHA mare and I have had difficulty getting a saddle to fit her without pinching her withers. I had tried multiple brands of saddles in wide and medium wide width without any luck. Every saddle was either too wide in places or too narrow in others or so wide it did not sit solidly in place.....

My Alliance saddle is the perfect solution. I have ridden it to do basic Dressage, to go fox hunting and on pleasure rides. I am comfortable and secure in it no matter what I do. But most important, it fits my horse perfectly. She is therefore comfortable and happy!! She has even stopped being irritable during tack up.

Cyril and Lynn; thanks for thinking of our horses and their comfort while designing a very functional saddle for both horse and rider.

Susan F, MD

I love my Alliance by Lynn Palm saddle! I bought it new 2 years ago and I am very impressed with the quality and comfort of the saddle.As far as I am concerned, every part of he saddle is top notch.The leather quality is the best I ver ridden in. It is soft , supple and very durable and the sticthing is smooth and beautiful. It fits my Quarter horses very well. This saddle also makes it easy for me to find and maintain the proper form and balance which makes me and my horses very happy!! Thank you Cyril and Lynn for designing such a beautiful top quality saddle for our QH.

Traci K

I have a 4 year old Appendix Quarter Horse.  Last fall (2007) we determined he had some back issues and we went through lots of Chiropractic and massage treatments.  On top of that, my saddle did not fit well and it was hurting his already sore back.  I needed to replace it.  I tried lots of popular makes of English saddles, but they all hit my horse right behind the withers, and just sat on his spine like my old saddle.   Needless to say I was frustrated.  I found the Alliance Saddle and was fortunate enough to be able to bring my horse to be personally fitted.  And it fit!  I have now had my saddle for about 6 months and would not trade it for the world.  It is comfortable for my horse and I love riding in it.  I plan to ride in this saddle many years, both on the flat and over fences.

Linda S

The saddle is working great. My daughter says the saddle is super comfy – more so  than her pessoa which she always loved. We got the perfect size for her to grow into. Since horses can’t talk, I can only say that Daisy thinks it is really comfy too as she has been a perfect angel since using it. She was in her first hunter show last week in green horse with her trainer and did great. She won hunter under saddle with 7 horses and jumped pretty well for a horse that has only been jumping for a month. The saddle gives her plenty of shoulder room to make perfect lead changes every time. Her trainer says she has the best lead changes in the barn.  I can’t help but feel that some of this great progress is from a well fitting saddle, as before that she was bucking her trainer off on occasion, pinning her ears back, refusing to go forward, etc.  Now she looks like a pro.  And no more slipping and sliding of the saddle. Our trainer says we made a great choice . She also tells a lot of people about it.

Laurel L

I really enjoy my new Lynn Palm Alliance saddle, and so does my horse.  It has improved my horses long trot as the saddle is a great fit for my Quarter Horse.  It does not pinch him at the withers.  It is the most comfortable English saddle I have ever ridden in, it has also helped me nail my diagonals every time, as it helps me "feel " my horse better.  My friends tell me all the time they have "saddle envy".

Brooke H


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