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Dear customer,

If you do not have the possibility to get a saddle fitting “in person” with Cyril, Lynn or one of our sales representatives we offer you the option of a long distance saddle fitting.

What does it consist of?


We ask you to take specific pictures. This is what you need to do:

Make sure your horse in on level ground, preferably with the legs squared.  Keep the head & neck straight and in a natural position.

Conformation pictures

Photographs to be taken with no saddle on the horse

  • Side view shot – full horse in the frame
  • Side view shot – close up of neck, withers, shoulder and back.  
  • Frontal shot – chest (you include head & neck in the picture)
  • ¾ shot frontal shot – withers & shoulder (both sides).
  • ¾ shot from behind – withers & shoulders (both sides).

Saddle fitting pictures

Photographs to be taken with the saddle you are currently using. Do not use any pad but secure the saddle with girth.

  • Side view shot – full horse in the frame
  • Side view shot – close up of the saddle.
  • Side view shot –  paneling contact (both sides). 
  • Frontal shot – contact of front panel (both sides). 

Rider’s pictures

Please use your current saddle with your regular pad.  If you compete, please wear show attire, If you do not compete, schooling attire will suffice.

  • Side view shot – full horse & rider in the frame
  • Side view shot – close up of rider
  • Side view shot – close up of rider’s seat.
  • Side view shot – close up of rider’s leg.


  • Preferably take photographs in natural light. If you must take the pictures inside please make sure there is plenty of light in the barn. Do not shoot toward the light.        
  • E-mail the pictures to There is no need to mail them on CD.


After assessing the pictures, the next step is to get tracings and measurements of your horse.

  1. Once you receive our Alliance Saddlery USA “ Tracing package” the following items will be included in the package.
    • Tracing manual –  simply explains how to proceed
    • 24” flexible tracing tool – used to take the tracings
    •  Tracing sheet – report the tracings on both sides
    • Return envelope – to mail back manual and package
  2. You make 2 tracings:
    • 1 cross section of the withers and shoulders
    • 1 longitudinal tracing of the withers, shoulder and back
  3. From the tracings we need 2 measurements per tracing:
    • M1 & M2 for cross section
    • L1 & L2 for longitudinal
  4. Answer questions posted on top of  the tracing sheet
  5. After you have completed all data please mail it to:

Cyril Pittion-Rossillon
Fox Grove Farm
Alliance Saddlery USA
9445 NW 60th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34482


  • You are welcome to contact me directly either by phone : office : 800-503-2824 / 352-629-3310/ cell: 352-362-2431 or e-mail for any questions or assistance during the tracing process
  • We would appreciate if you would keep the tracing package no more than a week unless agreed upon with Cyril or Lynn.
  • Please go to “ About/Contact  “ regarding  shipping  and return of the “tracing package”


  1. We  assess all returned data to determine which model of our line up has a chance to fit your horse the best.
  2. If the assessment is positive and we feel that one of our models has a strong chance to fit your horse, we will ship a trial saddle.

IMPORTANT: Please realize that fitting horses long distance is not an exact  science , The assessment does not guarantee 100% that our saddle will fit your horse.


  1. We ship you a trial saddle – our “demo” saddles can be used without any specific precautions. Our trial saddles come with a pair of leathers.
  2. You keep the saddle for one week unless agreed upon differently.
  3. We are in direct communication with you during the trial period to answer any questions and/or assist you with the process.
  4. Some additional pictures of the trial saddle might be required to help refine the fitting.


  • Ride in the trial saddle as much as you can – the more you ride in it the more you will know if it is fitting you and your horse. We recommend that you ride in the “demo” saddle a minimum of 4 times.
  • Please wear proper riding apparel.  If you are a competitor, try the saddle with tall boots on.
  • Store the saddle in a dry area. If any significant damage occurs you will be charged for the cost of the repair.
  • Regarding our “ Trial saddle “ requirements please visit “ About/Contact”


  1. We determine together if our “demo” fits your horse and /or your trainer-instructor helps assess the fit of the saddle.
  2. The fitting is positive:
  •  if we have the saddle in stock we ship it right away to you
  • If we do not have it in stock, the saddle is ordered.  It takes approximately 10 weeks to manufacture a new saddle.
  • A deposit is required when placing an order. The balance is due prior to final shipment.

Long distance fitting is a fairly simple process. We have been quite successful in the past and have “long distance fitted” riders from Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, California, and Canada.


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