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Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon of Palm Partnership Training® have partnered with Forestier, one of the oldest and most respected saddle makers in France to design a unique Hunt Seat saddle. Lynn and Cyril have experienced many challenges in finding the right English saddles to fit Quarter Horses, Appendix Quarter Horses, Paints and other stock horse breeds. Most saddles were too narrow, pinched the horse’s shoulders, slid back or were truly unbalanced. Lynn and Cyril felt a strong need to conceive a saddle that would accommodate the build of this type of horse.

The Alliance “Trophee” boasts an innovative tree design that is the first of its kind offered on the market. The new “English Stock Horse Tree” is specifically shaped so the saddle can rest absolutely level on the horse’s back offering the rider perfect balance and the horse ultimate freedom of movement! This special tree design also allows the front panels to contour perfectly to the wide and round shouldered horse.  with the panels resting flat on the shoulders, the pressure is distributed evenly from top to bottom providing the horse with maximum comfort. Alliance “Trophee” offer several features:

  • Small, even depressions in the front panels to mold around the bulk of the shoulders
  • Tapered middle paneling to increase saddle closeness and stability
  • Wide gullet to allow plenty of clearance for the spine
  • Seat, knee rolls, front panels, and under paneling are made of “plastozote”—Highly durable foam with a memory form. It will keep its shape and density for many years.
  • Three different levels of thickness in the back paneling to maintain the saddle balance for many different shapes of horses’ top lines.
  • Versatile flap design to accommodate three lengths of stirrups for Jumping, Hunt Seat Equitation/ Hunter Under Saddle, & Lower Level Dressage
  • Girth attachment set back to secure the saddle in place
  • Alliance “Trophee” saddle are 100% handmade and of the highest grade of French calfskin to provide the rider with the greatest comfort and durability

The “Victoire” is a lower price point model that offers the exact same tree and features as the “Trophee”. The saddle is assembled in Morocco under the supervision of Forestier’s master saddler. Seat, knee pads, and under paneling are make of French calfskin. The small flaps and under flaps are make of top grain Spanish hide.

The Alliance “Trophee” is the first saddle of its kind specifically design for the traditional stock horse breeds.

If you have a Quarter Horse, an Appendix Quarter Horse, a Paint or an Appaloosa don’t look any further, we have the saddle for you.

Your horse will thank us!!


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