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Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon of Palm Partnership Training® have partnered with Forestier, one of the oldest and most respected saddle makers in France to develop unique saddles. The Alliance “ Ecole” and “ Allure” are built around a Forestier tree. It has been specifically designed to fit the conformation of Quarter Horses, Appendix Quarter Horses, paints, and other stock horse breeds. It will also adapt well to the horse with low withers, broad shoulders and a wide back.

Particular attention has been paid to the design of the front panels to ensure a correct fit over the withers and shoulders providing the horse with great comfort and fluidity of movement at all times. Small, even depressions have been created in the front panels to mold around and absorb the bulk of the shoulders thus enhancing the quality of the fit. The tapered design of the middle paneling ensures the saddle great stability. The back paneling is offered in two different levels of thickness so the fit can be chosen to keep the saddle level on a specific horse.

The seat of the “Ecole” was specifically designed to offer the rider freedom of movement. This “not so deep” seat design permits the rider to easily achieve a classical Dressage position and allows for effortless slight changes of position and balance. The “Allure” boasts a deeper seat for riders who prefer the feel and balance of a deep seat. Both models are offered with mono flaps for added close contact. Flaps and knee rolls were carefully designed to promote a still and balanced leg position but also to give the rider the ability to vary the leg position for more precise communication.

Both saddles are made of the finest grade of French calfskin for ultimate softness and durability!

As the Dressage discipline grows by leaps and bounds in the U.S., so does the number of riders with Quarter horses and other stock horse breeds. Experience the exceptional balance and comfort provided by these two unique saddles. You will love the fit of our saddles and perform so much better!


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